An Internet Debate Is Raging Over Which of These 9 Classic Comedies Are Best

Who you got?

Top: Orion Pictures Bottom Left: Sony Bottom Right: Paramount

A challenge meme that’s been morphing into various forms internet-wide since so many people began self-isolating due to the novel coronavirus is about hard choices. Someone presents several beloved things and says you can only keep a few. 

This time, it’s movies, and they are all comedy favorites like CaddyshackComing to America, Step Brothers, and Anchorman.

The question was presented by “Lights, Camera, Pod,” an account that tweeted, “You can only keep 3 of these comedies…” and then presented a grid of movie DVD covers and posters. In addition to the four mentioned above, the choices were Superbad, Bridesmaids, Billy Madison, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and 21 Jump Street. 

Twitter, in particular, eats this kind of meme for breakfast, so there were a ton of replies with a surprising variety of choices, though some titles did ultimately bubble to the top.

Even the Twitter account of a big studio got in on the game, though the choices were, well, obvious.

Regardless, over time, the winner seemed clear.

We’re gonna say the winner looks like Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, starring Will Ferrell. It seemed inevitable a Ferrell flick would win, really.

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy

Current and former Maxim staff chose winners including Anchorman, Caddyshack, Coming to America, and Step Brothers.

But at a time when so many are essentially forced to stay home and TV is providing more of an escape than ever, the idea of throwing out any of the choices on that list seems downright mean.