An Interview with Jessica Clark

Get to know the actress who plays sexy vampire Lilith on True Blood.

Meet Jessica Clark, the gorgeous actress you may have seen as the vampire goddess Lilith on True Blood (you know, the one who appears naked from a pool of blood!).

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On Playing Lilith

Lilith was created in the image of God, who is a vampire himself. The vampires in True Blood right now are split between the Mainstreamers and the Sanguinistas, so the Sanguinistas devoutly follow the vampire bible and they worship Lilith, me, as the vampire savior, so it’s really very fun and cool.

A True Fan

I’ve been a fan of the show since like the first episode. And oh my God–everyone on the show is so hot. It’s insane being on that set. Like everywhere you look it’s insane–the table read is like a smorgasbord of beautiful people.

Taking the First Bite

I love my fangs– they’re completely molded to my mouth and they fit so perfectly that they start to sort of feel like part of me. I had to practice a little bit, in terms of speaking, but I loved it because once they were in, I definitely felt like a vampire.

Vampires vs. Werewolves vs. Zombies

Vampires are badass. I’m attracted to the darker side and fascinated with living forever. Vampires are so sexy and powerful–they’re so otherworldly, they have eternal life and youth.

Tips For Appearing Naked on Television

Work out really hard and be confident because bodies are beautiful, sensual and natural. I’ve also trained in Wushu, a form of martial arts– it’s very beautiful and flowy, and it’s predominantly used in fight scenes in movies, which is how it was introduced to me and I just love it. I’m super athletic and I love to workout and obviously I need to workout for my industry as well, but I love learning something and developing that skill and feeling strong. Girls who can kick butt are hot.

Check out her gallery

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