Interview With Joanna Krupa

She’s is a Real Housewife of Miami… and hotter than ever.

From fox-trotting on Dancing With the Stars to cat-fighting on The Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa has become the queen of reality TV. Meow!

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Your fans last saw you on The Real Housewives of Miami. Was shooting it as insane as shooting Dancing With the Stars?

I’d say DWTS was tougher—it was physically and mentally exhausting! When you’re out dancing with your friends, you think you’re cool. But then you get in the ballroom and it’s totally different.

You came in fourth place. That’s quite an accomplishment.

That was one of my proudest moments. I’m very ambitious and competitive, so I wanted to do well. But don’t get me wrong—for some of the ladies The Real Housewives was also a competition! I was shocked by how low people could hit below the belt just to get some camera time.

Housewives is known for bat-shit behavior. Why did you sign up?

I’ve always been very diverse with my career, so I thought, Why not? I also wanted to show my fans that even though I have a glamorous career, it doesn’t mean my personal life is glamorous.

Were you nervous the cameras would catch you, like, picking your nose?

Going into it I wasn’t really nervous, because I assumed it was going to be semi-scripted. Then on the first day of filming, I was like, “OK, what’s the plan?” and they told me, “Just be yourself.” It was one of the easiest things I’d ever done.

Viewers got a behind-the-scenes look at a risqué new PETA ad. Are you completely comfortable stripping down on-camera?

I definitely walk around the house naked. On-camera it depends exactly how much clothing is coming off. Shooting in lingerie or holding my boobs is easy, but going totally nude is still a little nerve-racking.

We know you won’t date men who wear fur. What’s your type of guy?

I need a man with a good sense of humor and a kind heart. I can’t stand cocky, rude people.

How did your fiancé, Romain Zago, get your attention?

I made the first move. My ex-boyfriend was watching a news clip of Romain talking about his nightclub, Mynt, and I looked over and thought, Holy shit, who is that guy? I was actually planning a party at the time, so I had it there and gave him my number.

Do you still go out to clubs a lot?

I’ve been going out since I was 16 years old, so by now I’m kind of over it. Plus, I travel for work so much that when I’m home I love to be lazy and watch movies on the couch with my dogs.

It sounds like you stay out of trouble. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Just chocolate, candy, and molten cake!

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