Iron Maiden Enters Video Gaming with ‘Legacy of the Beast’

Don’t run to the hills, come back and play!

Iron Maiden is no stranger to the video game scene, but the band’s past efforts weren’t exactly award-winning material.

Now, the “Number of the Beast” rockers are back with a brand new mobile title called Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. Releasing on both iOS and Android, the upcoming role-playing game will center around Eddie the Head, the game’s zombie mascot, as he searches for the shards of his shattered soul.

Of course, Iron Maiden’s iconic discography will serve as the game’s soundtrack, framing a free-to-play RPG developed as a collaboration between Roadhouse Interactive and 50cc Games, as well as Iron Maiden’s management team. Fans will play as Eddie as he battles his way through Iron Maiden’s world of fantasy, kicking ass and taking names every step of the way.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of game will come out of this when it releases this summer, but if you’re not really the gaming type, the band is going on a world tour later this year.