Iranian State News Broadcasts ISIS Raid Footage That’s Actually ‘Medal of Honor’ Gameplay

This is what happens when you rely on Google too much.

It’s hard being a state propaganda organ. Just ask Iranian State TV. Everyone has slow news days, but some intrepid news director decided to make things a little easier for himself by just plain pulling footage off of the internet and framing it as a grand victory for Hezbollah over ISIS.

Unfortunately for Iranian State TV’s credibility, some poor sap just didn’t dig hard enough to get footage that wouldn’t be immediately revealed as fraudulent. Although the video that was actually broadcasted was claimed to feature a Hezbollah sniper shooting six ISIS combatants dead in two minutes, a hearty feat, it’s actually gameplay from the 2010 Electronic Arts first-person shooter Medal of Honor.

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If you look closely at the Let’s Play footage of Medal of Honor (courtesy of TheChronicGamer29) around the 2:40 mark, you’ll see that there’s no mistake. The broadcast footage matches up perfectly with the gameplay footage.

Hilariously, several other TV networks in Iran and Saudi Arabia have sourced this clip and are touting it as real battlefield footage. It just goes to show you, newscasting is the same all over the world: full of fuck ups.