The Early Reviews Say ‘IT’ Is Straight-Up Terrifying, And We’re NOT Clowning Around

We’re psyched… and we’re scared.


Those super scary IT trailers terrorizing cinemas and smartphones everywhere aren’t fooling you. 

Members of the Los Angeles press were invited to an early screening of the film, and they arrived at a general consensus: clowns are still terrifying AF, y’all.

Reviews were glowing across the board, praising the talented young cast of “losers,” Bill Skarsgard’s performance as Pennywise and the preserved heart and soul of Stephen King’s source novel. 

Better yet, the movie is every bit as chilling as those trailers made it out to be.

Attendees were ultimately barred from disclosing any of the film’s secrets, but we know all we need to ahead of the Sept. 8 release date.

We’re officially pumped.