It’s The Lone Ranger Trailer!

But wait…where’s that catchy theme song, kemosabe?

But wait…where’s that catchy theme song, kemosabe?

Courtesy of Peter Mountain / Disney

Did you know there’s a Lone Ranger movie coming out next summer starring Armie “Winklevoss twins” Hammer as the masked cowboy and Johnny “I love dressing like a weirdo” Depp as his faithful Indian sidekick, Tonto? Well, there is, and it seems the bigwigs over at Disney are going for a more gritty version of the franchise to distance it from the kinda cheesy TV show from the ’50s. We get that, but how can they not include even a few notes of the most famous theme song in the history of television (sorry, Golden Girls) in the trailer? Check out how much more awesome this movie looks with the music they should be playing…

First, watch the trailer:

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Now, watch it again, only this time on mute while listening to this:

See how much better that is?

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