It’s Official: Bill Clinton Has Swag

When the former president turned up at MSG, Awesomeness Ensued

When the former president turned up at MSG, awesomeness ensued.

Photo via Louisville Athletics

Ranked number four in the nation, and coming off a 74-55 drubbing of Villanova in the Big East Tourney, fourth-ranked Louisville got quite the surprise when they returned to their locker room in the bowels of Madison Square Garden: none othe than Bubba himself, the former leader of the free world, number 42, Bill Clinton. And damned if the Cardinals didn’t take advantage of it, mobbing the ex-POTUS with a series of hilarious photobomb-heavy snapshots. 

Photos via instagram / chantrigga

Chane Behanan, the sophomore forward who instigated the instagram-fest, was impressed by Clinton’s demeanor.

Photos via instagram / chantrigga

“I mean, I think the president got swag, he got that swag to him,” Behanan said. “I don’t want to say what type of swag he got, but he got swag. I don’t know if it’s appropriate — I mean, it’s appropriate, but I don’t want to say. I don’t want to start nothing up.”

Photos via instagram / chantrigga

Of course that didn’t stop him from giving Bubba bunny ears in the group shot. Now that takes swag.

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