Jack Black Gets Roasted Alive

Nothing was off-limits at last week’s Friars Club roast of the corpulent comic.

Nothing was off-limits at last week’s Friars Club roast of the corpulent comic.

What does a chubby superstar comedian getting burnt smell like? This past Friday, we experienced the sweet stench firsthand in a hotel ballroom in midtown Manhattan at the Friars Club roast of Maxim Icon Jack Black. The event was star-studded, with everyone from musicians like Gene Simmons and Dee Snider to TV personalities like Padma Lakshmi and Al Roker to comedy legends like Richard Belzar and Jerry Lewis in attendance. None of the celebs present—especially roastmaster Bob Saget—were shy about dropping the F-bomb…and just about every other dirty word you could think of. Black was a great sport, though, and withstood some hilariously nasty digs about his weight, his looks, and his sometimes questionable choices of roles (Gulliver’s Travels, anyone?) Here are some of our favorite zingers and moments.

Bob Saget

“Jack Black. That’s what Kim Kardashian does every night.”

Sarah Silverman

“I worked with Jack on the movie School of Rock, and being on that set with Jack changed my life forever…because you can’t get rid of anal warts.” 

Richard Marx

The formerly mulleted crooner sang a delightfully mellow version of Tenacious D’s “Fuck her Gently.”

Jeff Ross

“Seriously, it’s an honor to be here roasting Adele.” 

Jack Black

When he finally took the podium, he looked right at Jeff Rossand said, “Is this all you do?” Exactly what we were thinking…


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