Watch Tom Cruise Punch Literally Everyone In New ‘Jack Reacher’ Trailer

His knuckles must be pretty sore.

In Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Tom Cruise returns to full ass-kicking form as the relentless ex-Army law enforcement officer. A new IMAX trailer for the film finally gives us a sense of just how hard Reacher is bringing the pain this time.

Reacher’s past as a career soldier is central to Never Go Back. He is called back to his old HQ and finds out he’s the suspect in a cold case homicide. With co-star (and former Maxim cover girl) Cobie Smulders as his unit replacement, Major Susan Turner, Reacher has to confront an unexpected conspiracy and naturally, fight his way out. The IMAX trailer is the best taste yet of the element that made the first Reacher film entertaining: the fights. Reacher gets to take down bad country cops, blond bad guys and someone dumb enough to confront him in an airplane restroom. There are also explosions and plenty of gun play, because of course there are. 

It’s clear that in Never Go Back, Reacher is in full-on Berserker mode and nothing can get in his way.

Tom Cruise blasts into theaters on October 21, 2017. We’re so ready for this one.