Watch Jae Crowder Make the Craziest Shot of the NBA Season So Far

Too bad it didn’t count.

Boston Celtics swingman Jae Crowder knocked down the most impressive shot of the young NBA season last night, and we’d wager there won’t be a better one by season’s end. 

Certainly there will be more clutch shots and there will be more exciting shots, but there will nothing with the degree of difficulty as Crowder’s one-handed 94-foot heave.

The bad news is that the shot didn’t count. Since Crowder was inbounding the ball from out of bounds it was actually a turnover. The rule that disallowed the basket makes sense, but if ever there was a time to completely ignoring the rules, this was it.

There was one more gut punch: the Celtics ended up losing by two.

Photos by Brian Babineau / Getty Images