Watch Jake Gyllenhaal on the Brink in the New ‘Demolition’ Trailer

Gyllenhaal plays a widowed investment banker.

Based on the latest trailer alone, it’s hard to say if Demolition will be a mawkish, way too into-itself eye-roller or a clever, warm take on grieving. It definitely feels like a contemporary, darker update of Sleepless in Seattle; again, not sure if this is a bad thing.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a character who has just lost his lovely young wife to a tragic car accident, and on the very same day he encounters a faulty vending machine that does not deliver the promised peanut M&Ms. In his what appears to be a kind of disassociative haze, he vents his grief towards the vending machine company; ultimately becoming obsessed with picking apart everyday machinery like his own refrigerator and something in his office’s utility closet. Naomi Watts is the Meg Ryan-esque customer service representative who offers him friendship and support. Chris Cooper is a wise, gruff older man who offers wise, gruff advice. Bonus points for the killer Heart song on the soundtrack.

opens on April 8.

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