Inside the Exotic World of James Bond’s Iconic Gadgets

The good, the bad, and the downright strange.

In James Bond films, futuristic gadgets and weapons aren’t just part of the fun. 

“They make Bond more believable and the film feel more real,” says Meg Simmonds, archive director for Eon Productions Limited, which has produced Bond films since the beginning. Believable? Like, the totally believable avalanche-proof bubble jacket from The World Is Not Enough

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But stick with the theory: Bond may have years of MI6 training and a lady-slaying accent, but he still must rely on gizmos to survive—which means maybe we’re just a piece of straight-from-Q-Branch gear away from holding our own against Goldfinger or Blofeld!

As Spectre prepares to expand the Bond gadget canon, here’s a celebration of what makes 007’s tool kit so damn cool. 

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