Watch a Supercut of James Bond’s Most Inappropriate Moments

Chivalry is in fact dead in 007’s world.

It’s fair to say James Bond has a rather, um… direct approach with the ladies. Hey, maybe saying “There’s something I’d like you to get off your chest” and then removing a woman’s bikini top works for fictitious 007 secret agents, but that move wouldn’t really work IRL.

A new supercut video uploaded to YouTube flits through Bond’s “most inappropriate” moments, from the aforementioned bikini top scene to him bidding another Bond girl goodbye with a casual spank.

The supercut showcases the womanizing ways of three different Bonds — Sean Connery‘s, Roger Moore’s, and Daniel Craig‘s. Despite the array of actors taking the role, Bond’s casual disregard for chivalry remains the the character’s one key trait throughout the decades.


Thomas Freeman