James Franco and Seth Rogen Are Making a Movie About the Worst Movie Ever Made

The Room is so bad it’s good, and Rogen and Franco are aiming to show us what went so wrong…and so right. 

Further proving that James Franco and Seth Rogen can do whatever the literal fuck they want,  the dynamic duo is making a behind-the-scenes movie about one of the worst movies ever made: The Room.

Not to be confused with Room, which is actually a very good movie that will probably win some awards,  Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 WTF love-triangle melodrama has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” Nonetheless, The Room has developed a masochistic cult following, and is currently playing at New York City’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema. 

Rogen and Franco are set to produce The Disaster Artist, based on the behind-the-scenes book about the disaster that was The RoomAccording to GQ, Dave Franco (James’ brother) will star, and Rogen may also appear in the movie. We’re rolling our eyes a little bit, but we’ll probably watch it.