James Franco Wants an Oscar Nomination for “Spring Breakers”

Consider this shit, yo.

Word on the street is that actor James Franco (General Hospital) is campaigning for an Oscar nomination for his role in Harmony Korine’s controversial film Spring Breakers.

Simply put, if you haven’t seen the movie, then you are an asshole. It is the single most important movie ever made (about spring break). And its brilliance is due in large part to the performance given by Franco.

Franco – who, not to brag, starred in 11 movies this year – plays a part-time rapper, full-time criminal named Alien, who “befriends” four young college girls whom he bails out of jail on a whim following a police raid of a wild spring break party in St Petersburg, Florida. The girls – played by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine – have come to Florida to do a bunch of drugs and drink their faces off find themselves, and since finding yourself is expensive (especially if you’re snorting it), they totally rob a restaurant in their college town to scrounge up enough dough for the trip. So, we already know these girls are fairly badass and can probably hold their own by the time they encounter Alien, about halfway through the movie.

And that’s when Spring Breakers becomes the best movie ever. From Alien’s corn rows and gold teeth to his overdone Southern drawl and profanity-laced soliloquies, Yale/Columbia/NYU/RISD/UCLA student and prolific artiste James Franco proves that dreams really do come true…provided your dream is to see the guy from Your Highness perform fellatio on a pistol like he’s mistaken it for Seth Rogen’s nutsack.

We don’t want to spoil anything, but suffice it to say that evidently we’re not the only ones who think Franco’s depiction of Alien deserves some recognition. With awards season looming, the film’s distributor is campaigning for the Academy to consider Franco for a Best Supporting Oscar nomination. For playing a certified shithead savant named Alien. In Spring Breakers. And to that end, they have released this promotional video montage of some highlights from the film. Watch it below, and while you’re watching it, think about the fact that according to Franco, famed director Werner Herzog called him up to say, “my performance [in Spring Breakers] made De Niro in Taxi Driver look like a kindergartener.”

Photos by Photo Courtesy of A24 Films