James Harden Talks About His New Commercial And Big Dwight

The Houston Rockets guard takes a minute to chat about music, basketball, and of course, beards.

You are now part of one of the best 1-2s in the country – what do you think Dwight Howard brings to the team and to your game specifically?

A variety of things. He’s obviously the best rebounder in the game that we have. His presence inside, his pressure on the defensive end – him altering shots and blocking shots is going to help our defense out a lot. And the offensively, I have an option to throw lobs to the rim, so when I attack and I get to the rim, I have him there. He’s going to help our team out in a tremendous way.

Your new Foot Locker commercial is fantastic, but really, who on the Rockets would be most likely to start a music career?

Maybe Dwight. He’s definitely got the personality to.

And the least likely?

Maybe Jeremy [Lin].

He’s probably more likely to write a book. 

Yeah. [Laughs]

Bill Hader told us you were the funniest player he’s ever encountered. Would you ever consider hosting SNL?

Yeah, of course. If the time is right and I get that opportunity – I would definitely do it.

Who would you say is the most underrated player in the league?

I would say Eric Gordon. I know he’s been injured a lot in the past couple years on and off, but he’s very very talented – the total package, so hopefully this year he can stay healthy and show the world what he can do.

Who has the best beard outside of basketball?

Oh, Brian Wilson. And in football it’s Ed Reed – who’s actually in Houston now, too.

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