James Rebhorn, One of the Best Character Actors Ever, Passes Away

Even if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve been enjoying his work for decades.

There are certain actors out there—Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Kermit the Frog—whose names and roles you recognize instantly. James Rebhorn was not one of them. The veteran character actor, who passed away over the weekend, may not have had a familiar name, but we guarantee you’ve enjoyed his work over the years. A few of our personal favorites movies of his include Scent of a Woman, The Talented Mr Ripley, Basic Instinct, The Game, Meet the Parents, and Real Steel. As for TV, we loved him in White Collar, The Practice, Boston Legal, Law and Order, and, of course, in his most recent role as crazy Carrie’s dad on Homeland. Perhaps more impressive than his resume is his reputation as a good man. Everyone from his directors to his co-stars had nothing but super kind things to say upon learning of his passing. Mr. Rebhorn, we’re going to miss you.

Photos by Photo: Everett Digital