James Remar: Deadbeat Dad

The actor, who plays Dexter’s long-deceased father, talks season six and beyond

The actor, who plays Dexter’s long-deceased father, talks season six and beyond

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We’ve all got our mentors. Some are older siblings, some are teachers, some are that especially wise homeless man with the top hat. But if you’re a blood spatter analyst who also moonlights as a serial killer, you get the creepiest mentor of all: the ghost of your father. James Remar has been playing Dexter’s, um, not really there dad on Dexter since the very first episode. With the sixth season arriving on Blu-ray and DVD today, we decided to pick his brain on everything from that crazy cliffhanger to his upcoming Quentin Tarantino debut. We can’t say for sure until we interview Casper, but he might just be our favorite phantom.

Sharing the Shocks

We’re surprised on an episode by episode basis. Obviously the producers create a storyline and try to drive through to that, but the actors only get the script a couple of days before we start shooting.

Remembering Dexter’s Villains

I find them all compelling. I think they’re all outgrowths of Dexter’s personality. Obviously Trinity being the most refined, the most successful for the longest, was very satisfying for a lot of people but they all have their quirks and personalities that I enjoy tremendously.

Photo Courtesy of Paramount Home Media Distribtuion | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

On the Season Six Cliffhanger (SPOILERS)

Frankly in the books, Deb does find out [Dexter is a serial killer] in the second book and interestingly enough, it doesn’t veer too far from her own personal psychology. But we’re not on the books, we’re not doing the books. Just between you and me…and everyone else. [Laughs]

His Hopes for the Final Two Seasons

I just want it to have a classy, powerful denouement. A sexy ending with a lot of integrity. Just like the show’s been for the past seven seasons. I mean, we’ve got Michael C. Hall and he’s such a masterful actor and really just brings such integrity and warmth to the part that I just want to see that continue and really end with a bang so to speak. A really memorable ending, nothing disappointing or hallow. I want a real nice finale with fireworks.

Don’t Mess With His Django Unchained Costars Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz

They’re both pretty badass. The character I play is pretty badass, too. On any given day, I think any one of us could’ve come out on top.

On His Favorite Tarantino Scene


I’m such a big Quentin fan that it’s hard. I’m very partial to the scene in Kill Bill Vol. 2 with Uma Thurman and David Carradine where he’s making sandwiches and talking about Superman. There’s an element of danger and yet there’s this wonderful fatherliness and tension. It’s just great. It’s got all the elements. He’s just put a dart in her leg [Laughs] and it’s pretty awesome.

On That Possible Warriors Remake

I think that classics are subject to remake, I wouldn’t be adverse to it, I don’t see why not. I think it’s going to be difficult to pull off because The Warriors was such a time specific thing and it was at a time where it was conceivable for gangs still just to be punching each other. Everybody’s got guns now. So it would have to be like super in the future or deep in the past.  

Dexter: Season Six is available on Blu-ray and DVD now!