Jameson’s New Cooper’s Croze Whiskey Is All About the Boldness of the Barrel

The latest expression from the Irish mega brand is dedicated to how the wood flavors the whiskey.

Jameson's The Cooper's Croze (Photo: Irish Distillers)

According to Ger Buckley, Jameson’s 5th generation Head Cooper, “50% of a whiskey’s taste comes from the wood.” 

That’s why he created The Cooper’s Croze, an 89-proof spirit that celebrates the fine art of whiskey barrel making. (A croze—Buckley’s favorite tool—is what makes the groove into which the head of the barrel is positioned.)

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Ger Buckley is Jameson's 5th generation Head Cooper (Photo: Irish Distillers)
Ger Buckley is Jameson’s 5th generation Head Cooper (Photo: Irish Distillers)

The whiskey showcases the master cooper’s craft, with tasting notes that include a sweet vanilla impression from ex-bourbon barrels and distinct charred virgin American oak character. Rich fruits and a pleasant touch of hazelnut round out its flavor. Watch Buckley go to work here: 

This first of three in The Whiskey Makers Series, which celebrates the people behind the whiskey making process, launches here in the U.S. at $70 per bottle.