Janelle Monae’s “Yoga” Will Vigorously Align Your Chakra

The Afrofuturist asks that you bend over, allow her her freedom, and kindly step off her areola.

Rebellious neo-soul singer, sometimes robot, and reliably dapper dame Janelle Monae has just dropped her latest single. It is called “Yoga” and unlike the real thing, it requires no expensive gear for full enjoyment. The video is righteous fun, like a beautifully made hip-hop spot sponsored by Lululemon, or found footage from a yoga retreat where all the teachers are gorgeous dancers in their mid-twenties. Do you enjoy crop-tops? “Yoga” is for you. Have you always thought Janelle was dope, but found she didn’t levitate in Full Lotus often enough? “Yoga” is for you. Do you love euphemisms? Janelle does, and so “Yoga” is for you.