Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot “BURNITUP” Together

Jackson enlists Elliot in the “rhythm nation” for this hot track off her new album Unbreakable. 

At the end of August, on the first night of Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable tour, she played a new song called “BURNITUP,” which features Missy Elliot. Elliot wasn’t present for the performance, so a pre-recorded video of her doing her parts was projected on a screen, which is strange and weird.

Unfortunately, video evidence doesn’t really exist online, but Thursday night Jackson released the full version of the song (which she sounds a lot like her brother Michael on) so now we can have it forever. 

4, 3, 2, 1, HIT IT!

This isn’t the first time that Jackson and Elliot have teamed up on a song. Elliot was featured on “The  1” off of Jackson’s last release, Discipline, and also on “Son of a Gun” from 2001’s All For You album. 

Photos by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images