This Japanese Game Show Gives You the Chance to Be Mauled by a Bear for Fun

Bitch better have my honey.

Japanese game shows are infamous for the outrageous, and sometimes disgusting, tasks they put their contestants through, but this one deserves the gold medal. The latest clip from Predator Shield features a small woman trapped in a glass case of emotion who’s thrown around by a huge and ferocious looking grizzly bear.

Her screams don’t et up throughout the entire clip, and we don’t blame her. Sure, we’d do plenty of things for a large sum of cash, but this one just seems downright dangerous. Plus, the word predator could mean a lot of things…if the bear goes on his lunch break, who knows what they’ll summon next?

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While we set and ponder the grizzly’s replacement (our bet’s on a Sharknado), check out the clip below and wish the young lady good luck.