McDonald’s Is Giving Away A Golden Chicken McNugget

You want solid-gold fries with that?


Japanese McDonald’s has churned out plenty of oddities in the past, like black cheeseburgers, mammoth Big Macs with three times the meat, and even golden French fries. What’s next? Golden chicken McNuggets?

That is exactly what’s next.

McDonald’s operations in Japan just announced the Willa Wonka-worthy competition, in which one lucy prizewinner can devour an 18 karat gold chicken McNugget that’s worth $1,500. 

It gets weirder. In order to win, competitors must determine the identity of a masked villain in a yellow coat featured in the competition’s fittingly bizarre commercials. Clues will be posted to the Japanese McDonald’s Twitter account.

Any Japanese speakers out there can watch the villain give his manifesto, below:

Let’s hope the competition can get the Japanese experiencing more Big Mac attacks. The Golden Arches has recently taken a hit in the Land of the Rising Sun, losing $210 million and shuttering 130 stores in Japan last year.

h/t Quartz