Japan’s Destiny: The Taken King Trailer Blows Away The US Version

Talk about taking a game too far.

Japan is known for some of the most outlandish and ridiculous trailers and commercials in the world, and promotional game videos are no exception. Take this Destiny TV commercial, which features a hardcore cosplayer visiting his friends (potential players, in his eyes) in a laundromat and serving them with a copy of the game after delivering a motivational speech.

Watch the video with subtitles so you can get the full effect. This guy’s friends clearly think he’s gone off the deep end as he extols the virtues of being Guardians as well as the ability to “change the world together.” All this in an attempt to get his friends in on the game with him. Jeez, he could have just asked.

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Does that get you more hyped for the game than the typical dramatic storytelling approach of the American version? We think it does. But we’ll leave the cosplaying to the experts.