Jared Leto Had Some Harsh Words to Say About Taylor Swift’s Record-Breaking Album

Sounds like Leto isn’t a fan of 1989. 

Jared Leto, known best for playing a dreamy idiot in the classic nineties TV show My So Called Life, has some notes for Taylor Swift in terms of her record-breaking album 1989, and how it could be improved upon. TMZ got hold of a video shot of Leto and the other members of his totally serious band 30 Seconds to Mars during some down time in the studio and Leto is shown listening to tracks off of 1989 and saying things like “I mean, fuck her, I don’t give a fuck about her.” I don’t think Swift had any plans to meet Leto down in the boiler room anytime soon, but if she did, the jig is up now.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TMZ

Photos by Photo: Kevin Mazur / WireImage