Jason Bourne Is Locked and Loaded in These Action-Packed New Clips

Watch the rogue CIA badass go nuts in three badass scenes from this month’s ‘Jason Bourne.’

Universal Pictures

It’s been nine years since Matt Damon took over the Jason Bourne franchise, but the cinematic killing machine is still going strong. 

In three new clips from the forthcoming fifth installment, Damon is back in prime form as the lethal CIA officer gone rogue.The adrenaline-pumping sequences show Bourne reckoning with his shrouded past and kicking plenty of ass along the way.

In the first scene, Bourne is on a collision course with a new foe played by Vincent Cassel. Watch their fast-and-furious Vegas car chase, below:


In the second clip, Bourne steals a motorcycle during a violent protest in Greece to save Julia Stiles‘s character Nicky, also returning to the franchise after nine years away.

The third clip introduces new formidable CIA operatives, played by Tommy Lee Jones and icy Swedish star Alicia Vikander

See Damon really get his hands bloody on July 29, when Jason Bourne finally hits theaters.

h/t Hypebeast