Watch Jason Williams Own His Competition at a Local Community Center

The 39-year-old former NBA point guard has still got it. 

During his 12-year NBA career Jason Williams, aka “White Chocolate,” aka not the one who killed that guy, aka not the one who was in the motorcycle crash, was known for his dazzling handles and sublime assists. Remember the elbow pass? Of course you remember the elbow pass. We all remember the elbow pass.

It’s been nearly five years since Williams has appeared in an NBA game but it should come as little surprise that, at only 39, dude’s still got it. The latest proof comes courtesy of this five-minute mix-tape of Williams carving up the competition at the Orlando Pro-Am, an annual summer tournament played at a local community center in Florida’s most magical city.

Players in the tournament come from everywhere—the professional ranks, the retired ranks, the college ranks, the nobody ranks—but none can put together a highlight package like Williams. The craziest thing about watching this video is the realization that there’s probably not a player in the NBA who could do what Williams does. Maybe Steph Curry or Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving. Then again, if those guys could do what White Chocolate did, don’t you think they would? 

Photos by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images