The Jaws 19 Trailer Makes a Back To The Future II Prediction a Reality

Believe it or not, Future Day is fast approaching.

When Back to the Future II was released in 1989, “Future Day” — October 21, 2015 — may have felt like lightyears away. But because time flies whether or not you’re actually having fun, Future Day is right around the corner, giving us all an opportunity to reflect on our accelerating decay.

Also: Universal has brought one of Back to the Future II’s predictions to life with a trailer for Jaws 19, which was playing in theaters when Marty McFly traveled ahead to 2015. Even though Jaws didn’t get quite the number of sequels the movie predicted, the gag feels nonetheless prescient, taking dead aim at Hollywood’s obsession with reboots and neverending sequels.  

The parody trailer runs through the imagined history of Jaws sequels, including Jaws 11, “a prequel,” and Jaws 12, “a sequel to the prequel.” And with the release of Jaws 19, “This time, it’s really, really personal.”