Jay Pharoah Finally Gets Laughs in “SNL” H&M Rap Video Parody

With the help of John Goodman, Wale, and some skinny jeans.

Remember when Jay Pharoah was expected to become the breakout star of SNL after he joined the cast in 2010? Well, that was three years and 100 Barack Obama impressions ago, and his ability to get laughs has grown increasingly questionable. This season, he’s practically been delegated to a background player, stepping in for the occasional wacky face close-up, a few (admittedly spot-on) impressions, and not much else.

Well, that finally changed this Saturday thanks to a little help from (13-time!) host John Goodman, rapper Wale, and the untapped comedy of a shopping trip to H&M. After all, where else do you go when you’ve got $60 and need to buy six shirts and four pairs of pants?

Watch Pharoah’s “H&M Shopping-Ass Ninja” rap video below, complete with trendy man-scarves, John Goodman’s painful attempt to fit into a pair of skinny jeans, and a checkout line that stretches from the register all the way to Senegal.