Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Completely Wreck 393 Dudes in 30 Minutes

Watch the Muscles from Brussels kick a bunch of guys in the face. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme isn’t some brutish action star who grunts his way through movies. The Belgian-born martial arts expert, who’s both studied ballet and competed in full-contact karate, has range. Which is to say, he can convincingly kill people with his hands, his feet, guns, knives and chicken bones (see 12:24 below). One-note gun-toting lunks like Arnold and Sly have got nothing on the Muscles from Brussels. 

Never has JCVD’s range been on display quite like it is in this 30 minute supercut of his on-screen kills, which we’re glad to report also includes a few scenes of him doing the splits. See that, even more range.