Jeff Francoeur Falls Victim to Teammates’ Epic Prank

A clueless player, a fake-deaf teammate, and a whole lot of video.

Jeff Francouer is best known for his time with the Atlanta Braves, where he maintained an average around .300 and took home a 2007 Gold Glove. Well, he was known for that, until now, when he was the target of one of the greatest clubhouse pranks of all time.

Francouer (or “Frenchy”) is currently playing Triple-A ball for the El Paso Chihuahuas, and yes, that is a real team. Jorge Reyes, and literally everybody else on the team, engineered this month-long ruse in which Francoeur was told that Reyes was deaf. What followed was a whole lot of Frenchy making a fool of himself by over-enunciating words and using hand signals to communicate with Reyes. Even in the tensest of games the team kept up the charade, all in service of the sweet payoff at the end of the video when they show Frenchy the fruits of their labor.

Super embarrassing, Jeff. But maybe not as embarrassing as being on the Mets. 

Photos by Getty Images