Jeff Goldblum Is Making a Jazz Piano Album, And All Is Right With the World

We have officially achieved peak Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum Promo
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Dr. Ian Malcolm just inked a record deal. 

Beloved Jurassic Park actor and lifelong jazz pianist Jeff Goldblum has signed with Universal Music Group’s classical label, Decca records.  

Make no mistake, the opportunity was born of his merits. According to Billboard, music execs approached him after witnessing his masterful performance alongside acclaimed singer Gregory Porter on The Graham Norton Show last year.   

At around the two-minute mark in the above video, Goldblum really opens up with a modulation he then expertly resolves like a true disciple of jazz legend David Brubeck—whom he coincidentally resembles to a T. 

Jeff Goldblum (L) and Dave Brubeck. 

“As far as I can tell, everyone loves Jeff Goldblum,” Decca director of A&R Tom Lewis said in a statement. “He’s a fantastic jazz pianist, a great band leader and just about the loveliest man in the world. His love of jazz is infectious and whenever he plays he makes you feel very happy. If we can take Jeff’s music into people’s homes then we will be helping, in our own small way, to make the world a happier place.”

“I’m so happy to be in cahoots with the wonderful people at Decca, one of the coolest and most prestigious labels of all time,” Goldblum added. 

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Music is no new endeavor for the 65-year-old renaissance man. Billboard has further details: 

[Goldblum] has been playing piano since he was a young child and started performing music in cocktail lounges in Pittsburgh as a teenager. 

As well as starring in blockbuster movies, the actor has been performing with his own jazz band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra — reportedly named after a lady he knew growing up — since the 1990s and is a regular presence at Los Angeles’ Rockwell Table and Stage, where he hosts a jazz variety show.   

Cheesy as it may be, we wouldn’t mind hearing a jazzy arrangement of John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme from Goldblum’s very capable fingers ahead of the June 22 release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.