Jenna Jameson Just Completely Savaged Bill Maher On Twitter

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Here's the thing about a lot of porn stars: they take no shit from anyone. Case in point: legendary skin flick queen Jenna Jameson. Jameson recently demonstrated her lack of tolerance for what she sees as hypocritical behavior by slamming Bill Maher after watching his HBO show. 

Maher had zinged President Trump about those controversial "grab 'em by the pussy" comments. But Jameson, who is pro-Trump, decided to turn the tables on Maher. 

Maher is publicly pretty unflappable but a personal slam based on a supposedly real-world observation like that has to sting a little. Some Twitter users agreed.

So yes, Jameson is kind of a badass, and as her Instagram proves, her fans probably wish she still did porn. But in the meantime, at least she's still throwing fire on Twitter.