Jennifer Lawrence Will Play a Trainwreck in the Movie She’s Making With Amy Schumer

The new friends have revealed more about the screenplay they are writing together.

A couple of months after dropping the bombshell that she’s writing a screenplay with Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence confirmed some of the plot details.

Schumer and Lawrence will play sisters in the movie (if it’s produced), which J. Law said won’t really have “any boys ” in it.

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“Amy, in this movie, she has it very together. It’s her lifelong dream to be a flight attendant. She works at the airport,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “But I’m a MESS.”

Lawrence said the co-writing process has been exceptionally smooth, and seems justifiably confident that her and Schumer’s vision will come to life.

“We both have very similar senses of humor, obviously and aren’t afraid, which is a good and bad thing, because I don’t know what our movie will be rated,” Lawrence said. “And we’re both very blunt. So we’ve gotten through a really strenuous process without ever fighting, because we’re both very straightforward.”

Schumer’s first produced screenplay, Trainwreck, was a critical and box office success this summer. With J. Law on board, her next project is guaranteed to be a hit.