Watch Jennifer Lawrence Fight Gravity In a Bikini in New 'Passengers' Clip

We're all winners here.
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We're pretty psyched for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Passengers, and not just because we enjoy a good space flick. Take a look at this clip Entertainment Weekly tweeted featuring a bikini-clad Jennifer Lawrence taking a dip in a futuristic pool and you'll understand why.

Just as she's getting in her lap-swim groove, something called a "gravity failure" occurs. She ends up encapsulated in a giant bubble of water, and the trailer cuts out just as she's reaching for the surface.

Jennifer Lawrence Passengers Promo  [EW]

Jennifer Lawrence Passengers Promo [EW]

We're guessing she survives to swim again, but we won't know for sure until we see it when it hits theaters December 21. 

h/t: COED