Jennifer Lawrence May Star as a Legendary ‘Blonde Bond’

She’ll play a femme fatale who changed the course of World War II.


If all goes as planned, Jennifer Lawrence may be trading in her bow and arrow for a Beretta.

According to Page Six, the 25-year old A-lister is in talks to portray Betty Pack, an elusive WWII spy whose daring covert operations changed “the entire course of the war.”

Pack was labeled a ‘blonde Bond’ in her 1963 Time magazine obit due to her incredible heroics and penchant for charming unsuspecting men, tactics that earned her a reputation as a scarily effective spy who “used the bedroom … as Bond uses a Beretta,” according to Page Six

The femme fatale’s life is the subject of an upcoming biography, The Last Goodnight, which Sony’s Columba Tristar Pictures has already locked in for an on-screen adaptation. 

It makes sense that Sony has identified Lawrence as their number one choice for the role given her roles kicking ass and tacking names in the Hunger Games and X-Men fanchises. And while Lawrence shines when covered head-to-toe in royal blue body paint, we’d love to see the starlet packing some heat for yet another leading role on her resumé

Now, who’s going to play Lawrence’s ‘Moneypenny‘?