Jennifer Lopez Wears $4.5 Million Worth of Diamonds in ‘Dinero’ Music Video

J.Lo is dripping with bling in 13 different looks in the sexy new clip.

Jennifer Lopez absolutely embodies the money-loving lyrics to her latest hit, “Dinero”, by flashing more than $4.5 million worth of Tiffany & Co. diamonds and jewelry in the music video.

J.Lo, who sings “I just want the green, want the money, want the cash flow” in a big-budget clip that also features Cardi B and DJ Khaled, rocks the bling while showing off 13 different looks. 

As Lopez bowls with a diamond ball, saunters through a mansion, grills ribs on a barbecue and even hangs out with an ostrich, the famously oral sex-averse Khaled does his usual schtick, yelling “More money!” and “Cash flow!” throughout the black-and-white clip.

Cardi B also joins in, spitting some fiery verses and vamping with Lopez on a bed while wearing lingerie and a feathered hat. Check out her scenes in the clip above.

Lopez wears jewelry ranging from a $500,000 platinum and diamond bracelet to a $450,000 diamond necklace in the “Dinero” video, but the wildest detail may be her cash-crazy nails. 

People reports that celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik created an over the top manicure that featured actual $100 dollar bills lacquered onto her tips.

Looks like she really nailed it, right? As J.Lo sings in the bilingual lyrics, “Yo quiero quiero dinero!”