Jennifer Lopez Plays a Dirty Cop in the Shades of Blue Trailer

This is one show we definitely want to watch. 

The new trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming cop drama Shades Of Blueis here, and it’s pretty revealing. And the most important (and surprising) reveal is that the show actually looks like it will be pretty great.

It’s hard to stand out from the endless parade of cop procedurals on network television, but NBC’s Shades Of Blue has a compelling premise: A detective with questionable ethics is forced to turn informant for the FBI and snitch on her equally-compromised partners in order to stay out of jail and provide a stable home for her daughter. And according to the trailer, J. Lo’s Lieutenant — the always scary Ray Liotta — catches on pretty quickly that there’s a rat amongst them. It all looks very, very tense — and J. Lo looks like a million dollars, even when she’s doing very bad things.

Shades of Blue will premiere on January 7 on NBC.