Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “Client List” Music Video

She’s so much woman, she had to make a video about it.

She’s so much woman, she had to make a video about it.

Photographed for Maxim by Stephan Wurth | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Putting three engagement rings on hold isn’t advice we’d like any of our girlfriends to follow, nor would we consider it a “favor” to any guys out there. Crazy dating advice aside, our love for Jennifer Love Hewitt is well-documented. Like, really well-documented. Super-duper insanely well-documented, even! But that comes with the territory when you’re the lady who’s graced our cover more than anyone else.

And if you think looking at pictures of her is great, watch her new video, “I Am Woman,” below. Of course, you can also check her out when her show, The Client List, returns for season two on March 10 on Lifetime. This will require you to actually find Lifetime in your cable lineup which, for us, is the television equivalent of spelunking.

OK, that was a lie. We use Lifetime whenever we need a good cry. It’s like porn for your tear ducts. Those movies are touching. Stop looking at us like that, you robot.

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