“Jeopardy!” Contestant Looks Like Alex Trebek

Can we have “Creepy Doppelgängers” for $1000 please, Alex?

Can we have “Creepy Doppelgängers” for $1000 please, Alex?

Image via Twitpic / @dhm

We’re pretty bummed that the time-travel flick Looper got snubbed by the snobby Academy Awards this morning. Not only because it was awesome and mind-bendy, but also because we’re pretty sure the plot—in which someone encounters his former self—happened on Jeopardy! last night. Check out “Brett,” who is a dead ringer for erudite host (and all-around survivor) Alex Trebek. Sure, they didn’t have a weird conversation at a diner, but we’re guessing things were still kinda awkward. (C’mon, the guys even have matching mustaches!)

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