Jesse Williams’ Coolest Kicks

The Cabin in the Woods star gives us a glimpse into his sneaker stash

The Cabin in the Woods star gives us a glimpse into his sneaker stash

If you like horror, comedy or just rustic lake houses, you’re going to love Cabin in the Woods, the new scary satire from the dudes who brought you Cloverfield and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Your girlfriend’s favorite pretend doctor, Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams, plays one of the terrorized coeds. If that character is anything like self-proclaimed “sneakerhead” Williams, he’s at least got some sweet shoes to wear while running away from villains. With Cabin in the Woods opening on Friday, Williams took us through his top sneakers. Tragically, these guys didn’t make the cut.


I mean, I love Jordans, particularly the first model. I grew up in the ‘80s in Chicago so that was a big part of the sneaker culture there. Most things have been derivative of them since.

Adidas Forum

My favorite Adidas are the Adidas Forum. I’ve got a bunch of those in suede, different color waves, bold colors.

Pippens and Penny Hardaways

[I love] those classic ‘90s basketball sneakers that were out when I was in high school. I think that was the golden age of creative basketball sneaker culture.

Ronnie Fieg Asics

Asics is doing a really cool job with their gels, especially the Ronnie Fieg Asics. They send me a lot of awesome, awesome stuff.

On His Favorite Scary Movies

I really liked all the kind of campy, B, shitty movies in the ‘80s. I got a kick out Pumpkinhead and Cujo, which wasn’t necessarily a horror movie but it was scary, and Insane Clowns from Outer Space and Critters. Just ones where you were scared but also laughing. Evil Dead, Army of Darkness. But Nightmare on Elm Street was the one that messed with my head. When it was over it really made me question whether I should sleep again.

On What Makes a Terrifying Villain

The villain that doesn’t run after you, but only walks, while their prey is sprinting away. The predator just strolls along with this insane, quiet confidence — that’s really off-putting.

On the Cabin Mystery

I’ve been kinda interested in the degree to which people who have seen it, including the press, have been really cooperative and protective of the project with us. Of course you’re going to find trolls who want to give out spoilers, but a lot of people are really helping guard it because they really want everyone to experience it themselves. I haven’t heard any wild theories — that would be fun. I think I read that werewolves attack the cabin and rip apart a factory or something. It’s imaginative, but not true.

On Rolling with Diddy in Vegas for Ciroc

Everybody was really sweet. Chrissy Teigen is really, really funny. She’s really smart and she loves comedians and so do I, so we spent a lot of time talking and joking around. We had a really good crowd. Michael Kenneth Williams, Aaron Paul, Matt Goss, who I didn’t know before then but is a big singer in Vegas and a real sweetheart. Those guys were all great.

On Drag Racing For His Upcoming Movie Snake and Mongoose

I didn’t grow up with [drag racing] around me and I didn’t know anything about it. But in the last 10 months I’ve really developed an interest. I’ve been down to the races, and I’ve been down to the track as they’re starting. I’ve gotten in the cars and driven them — I’m training now — and I really have a tremendous amount of respect for the racers. I’m a competitive person. I like to win, and I like the idea of a one-on-one rivalry that really pushes you.

On His Music Video Appearances

I think my music video days may be — well, I won’t say they’re over. Maybe I’ll cut an album myself. [laughs] Kidding. I am just kidding. I was supposed to do another Rihanna video, but our schedules didn’t work. I’m kind of an old soul. I listen to a lot of older music. So if Bob Dylan wanted to come out with a new music video, I’d be in that. That’d be pretty awesome actually.

Cabin in the Woods hits theaters this Friday, April 13!