Jessica Alba Vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Who Ya Got?

Two classic Maxim cover models meet in a clash for the ages.


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When it comes to classic Maxim magazine cover stars, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt are straight-up icons. 

Jessica Alba

These beloved bombshells have become established actresses in their own right (and in the case of Alba, a hugely successful businesswoman) but back in the day, they were starlets who took Maxim’s cover by storm and garnered millions of fans along the way. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt

But which reigns supreme? Alba, the sultry siren from sci-fi series Dark Angel and surfing thriller Blue Crush, or Hewitt, the cleavage-baring beauty from the I Know What You Did Last Summer horror franchise? Both are gorgeous, talented, and adored by legions of fans, but only one classic Maxim cover model can prevail. 

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