Jessie James Decker Bragged About Her Husband's Package To Celebrate His Touchdown

Honor the world's most awesome wife with some sexy Maxim throwback pics.
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Eric and Jessie James Decker

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After New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker scored a touchdown in the second quarter of their Thursday night match-up against the Buffalo Bills, the team and its fans weren't the only ones celebrating. 

Decker's wife, American pop-country singer Jessie James Decker, took to social media to celebrate her apparently well-endowed husband's success with a racy tweet: 

She didn't refrain from further emphasizing her man's good fortune(s) there: 

Congratulations, Eric. You helped lead your Jets to their 37-31 win over the Bills and you've got a smokin' hot wife who's quick to brag about your off-field triumphs.