Moon Jigsaw Puzzle Celebrates NASA’s Best Hi-Resolution Lunar Photo

Kill a ton of time in quarantine bringing this stunning image to life.

Four Point Puzzles

For those into jigsaw puzzles, the usual subject matter (famous paintings, dull country scenes) can get boring, which is one reason this gorgeous, 26.5″ high-resolution Moon image created by Four Point Puzzles is so striking.

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Four Point Puzzles

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, this 1,000-piece puzzle was created from what Uncrate says is “NASA’s clearest image of the moon to date, featuring every crook and crater on the near side.” 

Four Point Puzzles

As anyone who has ever struggled with a tabletop littered with scattered, identical-seeming pieces knows, grayscale images such as this one present a legitimate challenge; too damn many of these will be just about the same color and finding tell-tale details that help determine piece location might require reading glasses for some.

Still—it’s no surprise that according to, puzzle sales are skyrocketing while people are working from or simply confined to their homes. 

Four Point Puzzles

The best thing about this form of self-entertainment, however, is the fact it might take so long—that, and it’s damn affordable. That’s plenty of distraction for when the TV has become too boring or the kids too antsy. 

You can purchase “The Moon Puzzle” via for just $25 USD. They ship beginning April 16, 2020.