Here’s Your First Look at Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut Whiskey

The 100-proof bourbon hits bars and liquor stores this month.


(Photo: Jim Beam)

The world’s best-selling bourbon is rolling out a brand new, limited-edition offering. 

Maxim can exclusively reveal the first look at Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut, an unfiltered 100-proof Kentucky bourbon that has been aged five to six years and was personally overseen by Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh generation Master Distiller.

“This unfiltered bourbon is unlike anything else here at Jim Beam,” Noe says. “We get the bourbon from barrel to bottle a little differently by removing the chill-filtration process to create a fuller taste that bourbon lovers will enjoy.”

(Photo: Jim Beam)

After bourbon is aged, it usually undergoes a chill filtration process in which the liquid is forced through a filter to remove fatty acids formed during filtration. But Distiller’s Cut skips this step, which ends up delivering a bigger, bolder flavor than regular Beam, as well as a slightly cloudier appearance. 

The brand says the Distiller’s Cut “combines caramel sweetness with charred oak, enriched with light fruit notes” and “offers a smooth and complex mouthfeel with a warm, lightly charred oak finish.” 

If all that sounds pretty damn tasty, try Distiller’s Cut neat or on the rocks. Jim Beam’s latest bottle retails for $22.99 nationwide beginning this month.