WATCH: JJ Watt and the Mannings Intimidate the Hell Out of Gatorade-Thirsty Students

Gatorade got three of the NFL’s biggest stars to make some humorous commercials.

Let’s say it’s a Wednesday at around 4 p.m. You’re a little groggy from a day of class and looking for a pick-me-up. No coffee today, you burnt the roof of your mouth on oatmeal this morning and need to let the scalded skin heal, so you head for that new Gatorade machine that recently appeared on campus. 

Before you know it, JJ Watt’s flexing up on you or Eli and Peyton Manning are counting out your burpees. Sounds like a hallucination brought upon by guzzling too much glazier freeze, right? Nope. It’s reality for a handful of young people who may or may not be actors on a college campus that may or not be real. Watch their run ins with three of the NFL’s biggest and funniest stars below. And then watch the ones we didn’t embed here

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