WWE’s John Cena Explains Why He’s No Fan of UFC

Not enough white rappers, perhaps?


Cena looking very Cena-y. 

WWE beefcake John Cena recently dropped by Larry King’s web show, which is a thing you didn’t know existed, and had some interesting things to say about the UFC. Unlike some of his fellow wrestlers, Cena isn’t a fan. 

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Cena’s point about appreciating stories is one you’ll hear a lot from those who prefer wrestling. But it ignores the storylines that organically emerge in MMA, like Ronda Rousey’s rise, fall and (maybe) comeback. Or Conor McGregor’s hubris-induced loss to Nate Diaz. These stories are far more human and far less cartoonish than what you’ll see in the WWE, but to some of us, that’s the appeal. 

Let’s not pretend to be surprised by this. Cena is a showman. It’s only natural that he appreciates a spectacle. This is a guy who willingly embarrassed himself by dressing like a character in Malibu’s Most Wanted and pretending he could rap. Then he made some terrible action movies and now he’s transitioning to his newest career as a jacked Ryan Seacrest. If anyone’s going to appreciate the goofy spectacle of WWE, it’s him.