John Cena on Nikki Bella Split: ‘I Had My Heart Broken Out of Nowhere’

And emotional Cena could barely keep it together as he discussed the breakup on the “Today” show Monday morning.

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John Cena may be a tough guy in the WWE ring, but pour him a glass of white wine and sit him between Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, and it’s a whole different story.

The WWE superstar and actor basically broke down on live TV Monday morning while discussing his breakup with Nikki Bella, proclaiming his undying love for the wrestler/model/reality star and that he still wants to marry her.

“I had my heart broken out of nowhere — well, for me it was out of nowhere,” Cena began.

“I don’t want anybody else,” he continued. “I love Nicole and I’m really trying to support her in her trying to find whatever it is she wants that made this fall apart in the first place.”

“I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work,” he added, as Kathie Lee reached in to give him a pat on his massively muscled back. 

Cena proposed to Bella at Wrestlemania 33 in April 2017, but she reportedly called off the wedding less than a month before the big day. 

Cena did not disclose on Today why but admitted, “There was an unfortunate set of circumstances where our relationship ended.”

He professed some blame for the breakup, calling himself selfish and citing his not wanting to have children. Some suspect that lengthy contract he made her sign may have played a role, and cameras caught some pre-marital tension on her E! show Total Divas.

“If you look at me five years ago: stubborn, selfish, self-focused, life had always been about me. And then slowly over time this woman waltzes in and just steals my heart, and whether I wanna realize it or not, she becomes my number one,” he explained. 

“So I’m willing to go back on all of these things that I say, and a lot of them I would hang onto just out of stubbornness. ‘I won’t have kids,’ and it took a very strong look in the mirror for me to be like, ‘Why? This is person is my number one and it’s something that’s very valuable to her. Of course we can do this, and I think it would be wonderful.'”

Well, it now seems clear that she the one to break up with him, in case you’re keeping track at home.

Should these two get back together or go their separate ways?

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