John Cena Is Getting His Vasectomy Reversed So Nikki Bella Will Marry Him

Would you undergo this painful operation to reunite with your ex?

John Cena Nikki Bella Promo
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To mend his topsy-turvy relationship with Nikki Bella, John Cena first needs to get his vasectomy reversed. 

The Blockers star promised his on-again, off-again fiance that he would undergo what sounds  like extremely painful vasectomy reversal surgery during the midseason finale of E!’s Total Bellas. Watch the fateful moment below: 

“I physically can’t have kids,” Cena said. “So I’m also telling you that I’m willing to have surgery and then still go through with being a dad.”  

“You’re sure, though?” replied Bella. “Are you gonna change your mind?

“I’m not gonna change my mind,” Cena shot back. “I would never, ever say something like this.”  

Image: WWE/YouTube

“Just tell me you love me and that you’ll marry me,” he added before kissing Bella. 

The couple were set to get hitched in May, but Bella called off the wedding a month ahead of the big day. Cena reacted to the surprise breakup with a public breakdown on The Today Show. 

As of now, at least, pro wrestling’s hottest couple are back together. Phew!

h/t: People